Why did you decide to blog?

When i went to Bosnia in 2013 for the first time since the war, every day i bombarded my friends on facebook with photos of places i went to and had a detailed description of what it was, the history behind it and my feelings. i decided to make a blog to document my journey back home, to show the world the beauty of Bosnia, to break the stereotype images from the war and to show everyone why Bosnia should be on everyones bucket list. I always recommend Bosnia to everyone i meet, and i love when they get back to me saying its the best place they’ve been to and i love hearing their stories.

Will the blog only be about Bosnia?

For the moment, yes. Its my niche. But i do plan to soon travel more around Europe, expanding my blog to different cultures.

What camera do you use?
Nikon Coolpix P520  (2014/15)
Iphone 4s (2013)
Samsung Galaxy 4 (2014/150

What computer system do you use?

Hp Notebook Windows 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Editing apps/programs do i use?

Photoshop 2014
Apps: Moldiv, Simply HDR, Facetune,

How can I advertise on your blog?

Click here

Can i write a feature post?

Yes, click here

Can i add you on Facebook?
Unless i know you personally or we are close, i dont add everyone on FB sorry. But feel free to follow my page

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