10556332_10154747514810503_5589778044089163873_n Hello readers. My name is Ariana, and i live in Sydney, Australia. This is what i have called home for 20 years. But home can have different meanings in different places. Yes i live in sydney and everything i know is here but my heart is in my country, Bosnia & Hercegovina. It is where i was born, where all my family was born, where i should have grown up in. Sadly the war took this privledge away from me.

I was born in a beautiful town called Trebinje, Hercegovina. I was 4 years old when the war started. My brother just a year old. I was too young to remember anything, which is probably for the best. We fled the war, and moved to Denmark where we stayed at the Red Cross makeshit refugee center with other Bosnians. we stayed in Denmark for almost two years before moving to Australia.

Even though i love Australia, and call myself an Aussie, going back for the first time in 2013 since the war changed my whole outlook. I left a piece of my heart there and its only complete when i go back. To smell the fresh bread from the pekara, hear the ezan call from the mosques, hear the locals talking over their daily coffees, walking doewn old cobbled streets, knowing despite the hardships and tragedy which hit this beautiful country in the 90ā€™s, people are moving on and living their lives.

I was so in love with my country i went 3 times in 14 months. First with mum in 2013,we visited our house in Trebinje and mum showed me where i used to play. Then i went back twice in 2014. Once in June with my fiance for three weeks. He is Australian and completly fell in love. When i returned i quit my job and returned less than 2 months later with my mum, brother and his fiance. It was my brothers first time since the war. He was born during the war so he has no baby photos in bosnia. We took our first photo together in Bosnia as adults.

My friends loved my photos on Facebook. Yes i spammed it everyday with photos and a history lesson. Which is why i decided to make a blog, to show people how beautiful this nation is, to encourage people to visit, with helpful tips and i will add to it as i return again in 2015.

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