Looking for a Travel Blogger Roomie!




So i am heading of to Mostar this summer to do a summer volunteer job at a hostel/tour agency. It is an unpaid job, BUT accommodation at Sky Lounge Hostel is free and meals are included

Day to duties include hostel reception, making beds, greeting guests and taking them into town. You can also make a small commission if you sell them a tour from the agency, which you will get to run as well. Tours and activities can be reccorded to promote on their social media sites.

Your typical day you would get up and have something to eat, chat to some guests, then suggest a walk around town and lunch. Then you head back to the hostel and do the same with the afternoon guests arriving. The second shift you take them out to dinner and a night out where you get to organise Pub Crawls.

It is a minimum ONE month stay (starting July) in shared dorms in the hostel and i need a FEMALE (sorry guys) roomate. I need either

2 roomates. One for July and one for August or 1 roomate who would stay two months. Or if two are suitable both might get chosen. I am looking for travel bloggers in particular as we can collaborate, work on posts together, and use our knowledge of the world and traveling to help the tourists.

Bosnia is really cheap. With accommodation and meals free, it will save you heaps of money to travel on your days off. You get to choose how many days you want to work (with the bosses approval). Neighbouring towns like Blagaj, Pocitelj, Kravice are a short bus or taxi ride, Sarajevo 4 hours away and Dubrovnik is only 2 hours away (with boarder controls).

I will be using my days off to travel around Mostar, and the rest of Bosnia + more of Europe hopefully and work on my blog. That is why i would prefer a travel blogger for a roomate, something that will give us motivation and inspiration ( and we can set up a cool blogging workstation on our room )

The last few weeks i have gotten several inquires and I will be reviewing each application and forwarding them to the volunteer organiser/boss.

Australians you dont need a visa if staying less than 3 months. For other countries please check online.

If you are interested please message me the following

Country where you live:
How long do you want to stay?

if you havent seen my latest post on MOSTAR, check it out here, and you will see why i cant wait for this opportunity

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